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Was Full House always this creepy?

I don't recall a storyline on Full House revolving around a pervy Bob Saget and two walking corpses...was this for a Halloween episode? Or better yet, perhaps this pic is simply a promo for an After School Special regarding the double-danger of bulimia and hooking up with older men you met on the internet.

Yech. Either way, I'm having nightmares tonight. Unless of course, my John Stamos poster is back from the cleaner, then it's SEXY nightmares.....

Kristin Cavallari is delicious

I have no idea why she's famous, but I'm a big big fan of hot blonds so here are some of Rolling Stone's pics of Kristin Cavallari.

On the other hand, I'm also a huge fan of Charles Dickens and Snackables but you don't see me posting pictures of delicious cheese, crackers and meat or Tiny Tim. Double standard? Perhaps.

Lots more hot pics of Kristin here, here, here and here.

Miss USA likes blow

Miss USA has been getting a lot off her massive chest lately and has recently admitted the following on the Today Show:

'I have done cocaine, yeah. I've tried several different things. But, you know, it's always the same effect. The more that I get it off my chest, the better I feel about myself. It's not healthy for my recovery to sit here and hold things back.'

It's nice to see somebody admit their mistakes so openly. I'm so inspired I'd like to admit that it was a mistake for me to bang 6 supermodels at once. I was treating them purely as sex objects which is just wrong and I'm not proud of it. And I promise not to order any more models off that site for sex...you know....the one from Thailand...it's really convenient and they were so hot and loved sports and beer and.....oh god no......I've just made a terrible, terrible mistake....

Denise Richards must be a huge Bon Jovi fan

Here's a lovely picture of Denise Richards and Richie Sambora which was recently taken in Maui after Denise had just finished wrapping her movie 'Blonde and Blonder' with Pamela Anderson. Denise has an almost perfect body, so what the hell is she doing with this hideous man? I just don't understand it....does he have a golden penis with diamonds and rubies in his testicles? Because I do, and I named it Excalibur! Kneel before the might of EXCALIBUR!

Brandy is getting sued for $50 million

Huh, I just think I gave away the whole story in the title there....so if you still care, he's the update:

A day after the California Highway Patrol recommended Brandy be charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, the parents of the woman killed in the car accident announced they're suing her for $50 million, with the wrongful-death suit claiming Brandy drove recklessly when she caused the accident.

I would say 'Sucks to be Brandy right now' but it seems our homegirl has $50 million in the bank to be sued for! If I had that kind of money, I'd treat the world like my own personal video game... run over every one in sight and just settle those badboys out of court. Unless it was Night Court, because that case would end in pure hilarity!

Trading one drunk for another

Us Weekly are reporting that American Idol producers have contacted Courtney Love about possibly replacing pill-popping Paula Abdul on the show.

There is no way they think Courtney is going to be an improvement, she's just as f'ed up - if not more so. I'm beginning to think that American Idol is slowly becoming some kind of celebrity drinking competition! And what's a celebrity drinking competition without Nick Nolte?

Paris and Nicole are being stalked

I have nothing to say about Paris and Nicole, but I had to post this picture because it really made me laugh.

I mean, who the hell is that pervy looking guy in the corner smiling at them? He looks like the creepy single guy who'd go to all the high school games and line up and spank all the players as they ran back to the locker rooms. And by 'spank' I mean 'grope' and my 'creepy single guy' I mean 'my dad'.

Brooke Burke is hot again

Didn't Brooke Burke just have a baby? Did she make some kind of pack with the devil to look this good like TWO DAYS after giving birth?

It's impossible to look so good right after having a baby, which begs the question; is she some type of witch that lures little children to her home with candy apples and eats them to stay looking so young and fit? The short answer? Yes. Because I'm a Nobel Prize winning dietitian and that is the only reasonable explanation that has already been proven. Proven by science....science and FIRE!!!

Heidi Klum without makeup

This is by far one of the most unfortunate pictures of Heidi Klum I've ever seen. It's so bad that I'm honestly thinking of calling her up and cancelling the 'date' we have tonight.

Sorry Heidi, but you're going to have to find someone else to make that hardcore sex tape with. After seeing this pic, you just don't do it for me anymore. Looks like you're going to have to find another extremely sexy boytoy....

More of Heidi looking like some one's grandma here.

Diddy gets busted again

Didn't this man just have twins? Shouldn't he be at home with his baby momma and kids?

Seems no. Early yesterday morning, Diddy was caught taking Sienna Miller home after a night of partying. Diddy saw the cameras across the street and sent his bodyguard over to get the film - seems like reasonable actions for a man caught in the act.

What the hell is wrong with these people? At least when I get a girl pregnant I stick around for a good few weeks before kill a hobo to act as a decoy while I fake my own death. Extreme? Perhaps, but it seems a few weeks more then Diddy gives. Check the video of Diddy getting busted at TMZ

Ivanka Trump's botched boob job

You think she'd learn from her dad's botched hair procedure. Where does this family go for plastic surgery? I've seen dudes in Thailand with better boob-jobs, heck MY boobs would look better in a dress - and I have seven nipples! Here's her ta-ta's at another angle.

Tyra Bank's new diet

Sweet Jesus! It looks like someone just ate the entire cast of America's Next Top model and half the crew! What the hell do they serve in that buffet on set? Jars of Crisco?

I think it's just horrible when hot girls let themselves go like this. And there is no way I'm going to let 'her feel sexy about her new body' - I simply refuse to lie like that. There is nothing sexy about Shamu the Whale and there is nothing sexy about Tara anymore.

Now where's my cape and mumu, I need to got to the corner store for some corn dogs....

K-Fed's Nationwide commercial

It's not as funny as I had hoped and seems more about promoting his "music" (interpret 'music' as loosely as possible) then poking fun, but K-Fed's Nationwide SuperBowl commercial spot is here!

I'm assuming K-Fed negotiated this deal himself, hoping that getting paid in Cheetos, gasoline and food stamps would enable him greater financial security once the gold standard is eliminated. Genius, absolute genius!

More Hilton craziness

Courtesy of ParisExposed, here's the Hiltons and Nicole Richie posing with Micheal Jackson. I couldn't understand it myself either until I took a second look and realized that if you're drunk enough Nicole Richie could pass as a 12 year old boy. And then it allllll made sense...

Screen Actor's Guild Awards pics are here!

Didn't have time to plant yourself in front of the TV for the hours upon hours required to take in all of the SAG awards? Fear not, click here for a massive post of pics from the entire evening. The clothes, the hair, the cocaine and cigarettes...it's all here. Enjoy.

SAG Awards 2007: winners and losers

It's a step above the 'most improved' player award in wheelchair basketball league and it's done for yet another year - the collective insider hand-job known at the 'Screen Actor's Guild Awards' have concluded, for a list of all winners click here.

SAG Awards live coverage

Isn't it great when rich celebs fawn over eachother like this? Check out live coverage of the SAG Awards here. More pictures to come.

Jessica Simpson has new lips?

Based on this picture taken over the weekend things are looking a tad different, is it the way she's pouting or did she get yet another procedure on her lips? I'll tell you one thing, something just felt off when her and I were making out this weekend if that's any indication. And by 'her and I making out' of course I mean licking my computer monitor while browsing jessicasimpson.com. Oh God, I'm so lonely.

Britney Spears is all class

As if we didn't need another reason to hate her. City Rag is reporting that Britney Spears is not only a cheap tipper, but a total biatch:

Britney Spears was picking up her car at an L.A restaurant and dumped a pile of change on the pavement while reaching for her ticket. When the valet pulled up with her car, she pointed at the change and said "there's your tip" adding "I'm sure there's a lot of money over there but I don't have time to pick it up" and making the poor dude scrape $5 in coin off the ground."

I used to pull that move myself, drop some change on the ground and surprise the homeless guy with an impromptu tea-baging while wearing my kilt, but that's just me. Britney in her drug-fueled state is so disconnected with reality she probably dropped the change assuming a wolf would pounce out of her vagina and maul the valet to save her the $5. Hey, five bucks is five bucks, when in doubt one must ask: what would Teen Wolf do?

Brooke Hogan is a man

Oh sweet Jesus! Have you seen her lately? Brooke Hogan is looking more and more like her dad every day, she's literally a moustache and bandanna away. Just as long as she doesn't tear off her 'Hulkamania' yellow tank top I'm fine.

Barf. Tuck your penises gents, more pics of 'her' here.

Jesus Cruise converted J-Lo?

Didn't we see this coming when Jennifer Lopez became the latest member of Jesus Cruise's inner circle? I highly doubt you can be a friend with Cruise unless you're a Scientologist (or a hot, well-hung man...ahem...me...ahem...).

In a recent interview with the Miami NBC affiliate J-Lo admits her daddy is a Scientologist, she says:

"I, myself, am Catholic. But...My dad has been a Scientologist for 20 years. It's weird people want to paint it (the "church") in a negative way."

Lopez is totally on her way to converting - and she's not the only one. You heard it first here, I'll challenge Xenu to an inter-galactic arm wrestling match on our flying alien dragons if her, Posh and Beckham don't convert within 6 months. ALIEN DRAGONS!

Tom 'Jesus' Cruise is coming out of the closet

Am I crazy? Do I want an army of Scientologists at my door? Does the refrigerator box I live in even have a door? Do I pay top dollar to have hookers tickle my bum with gerbils? So many questions, so few answers. But since the story broke last week that Tom is seen as 'Jesus' in the Scientology community I've been thinking that this guy is really finally starting to bug the hell out of me. Jesus Cruise is an out of control egomaniac who digs other dudes, needs to chill, and accept who he really is. Why? Two reasons:

1. This site is not purely satire, but also a window in Jesus Cruise's soul. Well not 'his soul' per se, but I DID see the special features on the Risky Business DVD I rented from Blockbuster and if that isn't the same as peering into the mind of a closeted gay actor, I don't know what is.

2. Secondly; a certain B-list Canadian actress. After drinks in Montreal with her and an A-list bf (at the time) she told a few stories regarding how Tom's homosexuality is the worst kept secret in certain Hollywood circles. Offering more proof, she mentioned that she was at a industry party and saw Cruise making out with a man in the corner of the room - and no one even flinched, it's just accepted with Tom.

Wait, haven't we all made out with men at parties? What? No?? ...err....um... right, neither have I. Come out of the closet Jesus Cruise! We're all waiting.

Lindsay Lohan has body parts in her freezer

It's been reported that Lindsay Lohan keeps her appendix in her freezer because she was so worried it would end up being sold on eBay she asked the hospital staff if she could take it home. It's also rumoured that Lindsay's friend Kimberly Stewart may be investigating the possibility of auctioning the organ to support charity (I'm holding out the the Lindsay Lohan urine sale).

Initially some may find this whole story creepy, but I'm hoping that this practice becomes socially acceptable. Otherwise I have no idea what to do about all those organs in my fridge...and the bodies attached to them....

Sharon Stone forgot something...

Seems Sharon Stone wants attention so badly that she will go to the restaurant (The Ivy) where the paparazzi are 24.7 without her bra on. Very coy, Sharon, you are quite the sly dog using your below-the-radar tactics to bring attention to your flagging career. She mine as well show up in a flaming car full of clowns and monkeys while setting fireworks off her nipples screaming 'Look at me!! I'm not dead yet! Basic Instinct II is now available at your local Blockbuster!! WOOOOOO!!!!'

Pam and George Clooney are dating

I'm not sure if I get this - he's George Freaking Clooney, sexiest man alive...can't he do better then then this? Pam is pretty much a washed up pornstar....a blow up doll with implants at best. How long is this going to last? My guess; Pam Anderson has stretch marks longer then this relationship will last.

Jesus Cruise letting Katie work

Tom Cruise (now known as 'Jesus' by fellow Scientology leaders) seems to have finally allowed his virgin-wife to leave the compound and find work. It's been reported that Katie Holmes has signed on to star in Mad Money opposite Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton. The film is based on the British movie Hot Money about three female employees of the Federal Reserve that plot to steal a load of cash that's about to be destroyed. Mad Money, eh? Sounds like a blockbuster, I guess they must have already casted for that other sure hit of the year, Garfield 3.

I don't know what shocks me more, the fact that Tom is letting Katie out of the house, or that he's letting her work with Queen Latifah. Fact is, you'd think that in their marriage there would only be room for one Queen. High-five!

Fugly of the week: Sienna Miller

Yikes! Look at Sienna Miller (at the premiere of Factory Girl at the Santa Barbara Film Fest). She looks damn trampy with all that eye make up caked on...sort of looks like one of the many Russian mail-order brides I've purchased, only to have them returned when my cheques bounced (so I can't convert dollars to rubles? What's the big deal?). She's the fug hooker look-a-like of the week!

Katie Holmes upskirt, wearing granny panties

Isn't looking up girl's skirts supposed to be sexy? Sure, but not when she's wearing granny panties. Looking at these makes me feel like someone just hit me in the crotch with a flaming sledge hammer! Who caused me this pain? No one but our favorite cult member, Katie Holmes, accidentally flashing her bodyshaping underwear while getting out of her limo at Giorgio Armani's Paris couture show last night.

Why do these pictures make me think of my old, saggy, drunk neighbor? The only thing that would make this more unattractive is if those 'bodyshaping underwear' where not holding in fat, but a huge BLACK BEARD! YARRRRR!!!

ParisExposed.com clips are here!

So Paris has a storage facility with all her stuff in it, forgets to pay the bill and all of a sudden the contents become the property of a broker who is now hawking it online at ParisExposed.com. Our friends have had a look at what's included and here of some of the lowlites:

-Paris recounts in her diary about giving some dude the herp (why do I have this feeling the diary is covered is sparkles, macaroni and written in crayon?)
-Does a crap-load of coke off a guy's chest (who hasn't?)
-Has billions of hours of taped footage of her being naked, slutty, making out with friends and being drunk

Want to see more? Check out the downloaded video clips one, two and three. Email me if you'd like to see the rest. But let me warn you - it's worse then watching Weekend at Bernie's II, making out with Tony Danza and doing your taxes combined!

Brandy's lastest hit is a killer!

Has she ever heard of 'killing them softly?' Today it has been revelaed that Brandy was involved in a fatal car accident at 10:30 AM on December 30, 2006 on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. TMZ reports:

Brandy was driving her 2007 Land Rover at 65 mph and did not notice that cars in front of her had slowed considerably ... Brandy's vehicle struck a 2005 Toyota. The Toyota then hit a 1989 Toyota. The 2005 Toyota then slid sideways and hit the center divider. As the 2005 Toyota came to a halt, it was struck by a 1988 Acura ... the driver of the 2005 Toyota, Awatef Aboudihaj, was taken to Holy Cross Hospital in critical condition and she died the next day. Brandy was not injured. The driver of the Acura suffered moderate injuries. Brandy was not arrested and there is no evidence drugs or alcohol were involved

Haha! Awatef Aboudihaj....that's a funny name. Sounds like it was made up, which makes his death hilarious! I'm sure the judge will agree and charge the family of Awatef for being so wacky, like Urkle or Balki....Case Closed!

Jessica Simpson's boobs are terrifying

Oh the humanity! When I look at these pictures I can't help but feel tremendous sadness, sorta like a crime has been committed that no one intervened to prevent. What crime you ask? It seems that Jessica Simpson has stolen the boobs from a 65 year old dead woman, it's disgusting.

Isn't it the role of celebrities to have unattainable bodies with fake boobs, tight stomachs and orange painted on tans? If I wanted to see boobs like this I would go back to my peep-hole that I drilled into the women's locker room at the YMCA or look at bags of cottage cheese at the grocery store. Yech!

More pics of Jessica's 'moobs' here, here and here.

K-Fed wants Britney in rehab

It's pretty bad when K-Fed is telling you that you might have a problem. Britney Spears' recent all night partying and alleged drug and booze abuse has prompted K-Fed to drop his bucket of fried chicken and take action. MSNBC is reporting that K-Fed has apparently teamed up with Britney's mother, Lynn Spears, to try every which way to get Brit some help. A source said:

"Kevin has tried to convince Britney to check herself into rehab from every possible angle. First he tried threatening to take away the kids, then he tried pleading with her to take care of herself."

This must be humiliating for Britney, it's like the guy with the car up on cinder blocks in his front yard telling you how to best protect the leather in your Ferrari. Of course, in my case I can't really relate...I'm too busy bench pressing 300 pounds and entering arm wrestling contests to take proper care of my Ferrari, but you catch my drift.

Johnny Depp's wife is hideous

Ladies and gents, let me present to you Vanessa Paradis, aka Johnny Depp's girlfriend and the mother of his two kids. First, let me give her props for being a talented singer and a model and an actress. Secondly let gouge out my damn eyes for even seeing this pic! What the hell????

The great escape: Lindsay Lohan style

Lindsay Lohan was spotted taking a break from rehab and entering the lobby of her apartment building yesterday. Aside from AA meetings and medical appointments residents of the Wonderland treatment facility are not allowed to leave the premises.

My favorite part of all this is her clever ghost disguise. I wonder if when approached by guards she just yelled 'BOO!' and scared them off. It sure beats the monocle and top hat I wore then I tried to sneak out of work earlier today.

Tom Cruise is Jesus

According to Scientology's church leaders, Tom Cruise is the new 'Christ' of the crazy-assed money-making cult. The Sun reports:

The Mission: Impossible star has been told he has been 'chosen' to spread the word of his faith throughout the world. And leader David Miscavige believes that in future, Cruise, 44, will be worshipped like Jesus for his work to raise awareness of the religion.

A source close to the actor, who has risen to one of the church's top levels, said: 'Tom has been told he is Scientology's Christ-like figure. "Like Christ, he's been criticized for his views. But future generations will realize he was right."

Slow down, just because Tom Cruise is the prettiest and has given the most money to this cult all of a sudden they are calling him JESUS?? In my mind the only thing Tom Cruise has in common with Jesus is that they're both males, virgins appeared in the same issue of TigerBeat and they both go by the call-sign 'Maverick' when they fly. Otherwise, I'm totally offended by the comparison.

The nominess are....

The nominees for the 79th Academy Awards were announced this morning, and 'Dreamgirls' leads the pack with 8 nominations, including Best Supporting Actor for Eddie Murphy and Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Hudson. Surprisingly, it did not receive nods for Best Picture or Best Director. 'Dreamgirls' has long been considered the front runner to win both those awards.
The nominees are:


BEST DIRECTOR: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel,) Martin Scorsese (The Departed,) Clint Eastwood (Letters from Iwo Jima,) Stephen Frears (The Queen) and Paul Greengrass (United 93)

BEST ACTOR: Leonardo DiCaprio (Blood Diamond,) Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson,) Peter O'Toole (Venus,) Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness,) Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland)

BEST ACTRESS: Penelope Cruz (Volver,) Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal,) Helen Mirren (The Queen,) Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada,) Kate Winslet (Little Children)

The biggest surprise on this list is that my erotic short film titled 'My Bum' isn't on the list for best picture OR best sound. It's a damn conspiracy to keep me out of Hollywood I tell you - I bet it's Brad Pitt behind this again, he knows my sexiness would knock him right out of the spotlight and I would just end up stealing Angelina from him (or kidnapping...same thing...)

For a full list of the nominess click here.

Jessica Biel, more beach, more bikini

This is begining to get a little awkward. It seems every morning when I open my email Jessica Biel sends me yet another bikini shot of herself. Jessica, let's put an end to this...I'm too much man for you, it'll never work. And you have to understand, when I say no mean no, I'm just not interested in you.

...and by 'not interested' I mean 'I would lick mash potatoes off a homeless man just to see another shot of you in your bikini'. Now where's my gravy?

More of Jessica's additional beach prancing and dancing here and perhaps even....HERE.

Paris pleads no contest

Paris Hilton plead no contest to her DUI today and was placed on 36 months probation, ordered to pay a $1,500 fine, and forced to attend an alcohol education program. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I have to admit though, I felt bad for her - reminds me of the time I drove hammered all the way home only to wake up the next morning to find a man stuck in my windshield. Minus the initial awkwardness, he was a pleasant conversationalist - and if he didn't bleed to death I'm sure we would have been fantastic friends. Rest in peace Windshield Willy....rest in peace.....(and if you come back to haunt me, your wallet was empty when I found it...honest!)

Oh right, more of Paris' day in court here.

Today in clinical depression: Mandy Moore

It seems Mandy Moore has been battling depression as of late. She tells Jane magazine:

"A few months ago, I felt really low, really sad. I'm a very positive person, and I've always been 'glass half-full.' So it was like someone flipped a switch in me."

What? Why didn't anyone tell me this? Do you realize how EASY it is to pick up depressed chicks? All I have to do is show up with a guitar and sing about 'dying' and 'rain' and 'dead babies' and then - bang! - I'm in. Don't judge me, how do you think DJ AM picked her up?

Jessica Biel is hot

Is it just me, or recently does it seem as though Jessica Biel's life has just been one big open audition for a rap video? It's all been bikinis and T&A for the past month.

Truth is I'm not bothered by it in the least..no matter if you're gay, straight, man or woman, you've got to admit, that ass of hers has mad skills, and I mean 'The Last Starfighter'-like mad skills! That kid could PLAY!

Check out more pics here, here annnnnnnnnnd here.

Beyonce's daddy is a sore loser

After his daughter, Beyonce, walked away from the Golden Globes without an award, Matthew Knowles did what he does best, blaming everyone BUT Beyonce for her lack of acting talent. Mr. Knowles told reporters back stage that his daughter lost due to a 'white system' that is still alive in 2007 as it was in 1967.

"Today is MLK's birthday and it saddens me to say that things have not changed for blacks. Working class blacks and blacks in Hollywood are still being discriminated against. We still have a long way to go," he said.

Considering Forest Whitaker, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson, Prince and the Dreamgirls movie won Golden Globes this year I think that comment is in bad taste, sounding of a sore loser. Kind of like the time I yelled at the audience this weekend at the karaoke bar, blaming them that they were anti-white because they didn't cheer for my version of 'The Never Ending Story' theme. Racist jerks. Lalalalalala.

Mena Suvari's topless beach pics

Remember Mena Suvari? Yeah, neither do I - but here are some pictures of her topless on the beach. That makes her a celebrity again in my books, and my 'my books' I'm of course refering to my Sweet Valley High collection, is there any mystery babysitters can't solve? I don't think so.

Click here to see uncensored NSFW versions. And here and here.

Newsflash: Britney can read!

I don't know what shocks me more, that celebs like to read about themselves or that Britney Spears can read! I'm sure the others around her where quite annoying with her reading outloud...thankfully the only words she can read are 'boo-boo' 'poopy' 'caca' and 'thighmaster' so it was over pretty quickly.

The Simpsons sisters out on the town

Isn't it cute when the girls get into mom's cosmetics and play dress up? And by 'cute' I of course mean 'frightening' - they look like damn clowns...terrifying evil demonic clowns. Ronald McDonald wears his make up hotter then them, I'd rather have a threesome with Grimace and Ronald then those two sisters. And YES I would like fries with that!

More plastic surgery news: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton reportedly visited a cosmetic surgeon this week in hopes to "fix her drooping left eyelid." Approximately six years ago, Paris had surgery to lift her eyelids, but the left eye muscles were damaged as a result, (and all this time I just assumed she was winking at me). Page Six says:

Hilton, who is filming "The Hottie and the Nottie," has made things worse by wearing blue- tinted contact lenses over her naturally brown irises. "They have been drying out lately," dished the tipster. "She is ignoring doctors' orders to not wear her tinted contacts."

Fixing her eyelid? What a waste, she's got so many things wrong with her that require instant attention at the moment (her burning crotch perhaps?). My advice, take advantage of the dropping eye, I mean how many times do you have an opportunity to wear an eyepatch for real? YARRR!

Clint got some work done

Did you see Clint at the Golden Globe Awards? Looks like he's had some serious signs of plastic surgery - why the hell would he do that? Getting rid of his trademark squinty eyes and rough face is the stupidest thing you could do.

Knowing how tough Clint is I doubt it's plastic surgery, he probably felt he was looking a bit tired and took a sander to his face and ground away. Did he cry? Clint? No way...he just laughed and painted rainbows...because that's what tough men do, paint pretty landscapes to dull the pain.

Britney is NOT pregnant, but I was NOT wrong

Either I was wrong or somebody made a call to "Dr. Coathanger" at his "office" (aka in the alley) recently. And since I don't like being wrong THAT will be the rumour I'll be starting.

You heard it here first, Britney 'back alley abortion' Spears is no longer pregnant. Breath a sigh of relief Mr. Perez Hilton, you no longer have to worry about paying all that child support.

P.Diddy get busted

Nothing is worse then getting busted whilst checking out a rack. What's worse is when there is picture evidence.

But let's give P.Diddy the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was looking down thinking 'Those are good mammaries with top notch milk-secreting tissue, she'd be a great wet-nurse for my new children' or 'I wonder who designed that dress? It would look lovely on mom' or 'DAMMMNNNN with a rack like that they're gonna have to change my name again to P.WOODY! HOLLA!'

Ivanka Trump is impressive

Who knew? I stop watching The Apprentice for a few seasons and look at what happens. This is Ivanka Trump at an NBC/Universal Gollden Globes party a few days back. You got to admit, when Trump does something he goes all out - even when it comes to buying his daughter implants. Is there anything that man can't do?