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Jesus Cruise converted J-Lo?

Didn't we see this coming when Jennifer Lopez became the latest member of Jesus Cruise's inner circle? I highly doubt you can be a friend with Cruise unless you're a Scientologist (or a hot, well-hung man...ahem...me...ahem...).

In a recent interview with the Miami NBC affiliate J-Lo admits her daddy is a Scientologist, she says:

"I, myself, am Catholic. But...My dad has been a Scientologist for 20 years. It's weird people want to paint it (the "church") in a negative way."

Lopez is totally on her way to converting - and she's not the only one. You heard it first here, I'll challenge Xenu to an inter-galactic arm wrestling match on our flying alien dragons if her, Posh and Beckham don't convert within 6 months. ALIEN DRAGONS!