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Britney's online dating now

Just when she can't get any lower Britney has looked to that cruel, cruel bitch "The Internet" to help her find love. Seriously, I'm going out on a limb here and say that Britney Spears wrote this ad on the craigslist personals. Read it and try to tell me I'm wrong:

Hi guys. I've been feeling a little lonely recently and need a man to remind me I'm beautiful again. I'm not a BBW, but I have curves in all the right places ;) I've come across hard times where people judge me rather than understand I'm going through a very hard time in my life right now.

I need the stabilizing presence of a man again. I was once wildly in love, but that turned sour as our personalities clashed with each other.
I'm really looking for a man that has a good head on his shoulders, a sense of humor and likes to go out. Let's just say I'm far more than stable financially, so I wouldn't need a man to support me.

I just need a kind man who won't judge me...Just a man that wants to love me and my two little boys.
Then there some nights we should go out! Drive nice cars, go to clubs and restaurants. Live the good life. It's been so hard to find a man recently. Outside of being busy with my work, scrutiny and pressure have been getting to me. I need a man to help me get back on track.

This is classic, really. She's got curves in all the right places? Yea, so does Jabba the Hut. And two boys? Does she mean Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders - because based on how she's been looking those are the only two boys in her life. Gross. If anyone out there can get a date with Britney through this ad, let me know!

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