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Britney Spears is all class

As if we didn't need another reason to hate her. City Rag is reporting that Britney Spears is not only a cheap tipper, but a total biatch:

Britney Spears was picking up her car at an L.A restaurant and dumped a pile of change on the pavement while reaching for her ticket. When the valet pulled up with her car, she pointed at the change and said "there's your tip" adding "I'm sure there's a lot of money over there but I don't have time to pick it up" and making the poor dude scrape $5 in coin off the ground."

I used to pull that move myself, drop some change on the ground and surprise the homeless guy with an impromptu tea-baging while wearing my kilt, but that's just me. Britney in her drug-fueled state is so disconnected with reality she probably dropped the change assuming a wolf would pounce out of her vagina and maul the valet to save her the $5. Hey, five bucks is five bucks, when in doubt one must ask: what would Teen Wolf do?