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Miss USA likes blow

Miss USA has been getting a lot off her massive chest lately and has recently admitted the following on the Today Show:

'I have done cocaine, yeah. I've tried several different things. But, you know, it's always the same effect. The more that I get it off my chest, the better I feel about myself. It's not healthy for my recovery to sit here and hold things back.'

It's nice to see somebody admit their mistakes so openly. I'm so inspired I'd like to admit that it was a mistake for me to bang 6 supermodels at once. I was treating them purely as sex objects which is just wrong and I'm not proud of it. And I promise not to order any more models off that site for sex...you know....the one from Thailand...it's really convenient and they were so hot and loved sports and beer and.....oh god no......I've just made a terrible, terrible mistake....