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Mike Myers is gay

When not killing men with her good looks and saving the world from fat chicks, Pop Culture Pundit reader Magda dropped me a pretty sweet tip regarding Mike Myers when she saw him in Toronto recently. Seems he's gayer then the Gay Train traveling through Gay Town on Gay Day. Gay. Really, gay. Gay-gay.

First let's go over what we know: Myers is overly sensitive (watch any interview), constantly speaks about his love for his father and his quest to please him even in death (Freud has a lot to say about that), had a long marriage with no kids where he seemed more into being bff's with his mother in law then his wife, idolizes hockey players to a very odd degree for a man his age, has a gay brother and has a memberships to the 'Anal Beads of the Month Club' (ok, so I made that last one up).

Now here's what I've just found out: Scarborough native Myers was just in Toronto to see his beloved Leafs play last week, but that's not all he did. Seems our reader spotted Myers on what can only be described as a 'man-date' - well, who knows what it was, but when you're sitting in the corner of a dark restaurant with another man, stretching your arms across the table to touch hands and staring into his eyes - what else would you call it? Man-on-man love?

Thanks for the tip Magda! Mike is not going to be able to keep this under wraps very much longer. Well, unless of course he has some super gay-shielding power, which then would make it quite easy for him to hide it. In theory. But in theory Hilary Clinton is a woman. In theory.

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