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Faking my own death?

Well, as you may (or most likely may not) have noticed, posts have been few and far between over the last few fortnights. Well, there is a great reason for that and it has very little to do with my parole officer. It seems I've been a busy boy, a guilty boy and a traveling boy. Why? How? What equals 9? Where are my pants?

I'm currently out of the country and far from a "electro-box" (or "computer" as the laymen call it) so I've not been able to post. Not only am I busy, but I'm also feeling a bit of the guilt presented in the above posted video as well. How funny is it when people are hurt? I don't know, but I do know one thing, I can't hear the laughter anymore. Any by 'laughter' I mean 'the burning' and by 'hear' I mean 'pee.'

Regardless, I'm on the road and will not be posting too much for a bit. The site is still alive, but just not as often as you would like. Keep reading, I'll post about my travels and keep you in the loop as much at I can.

Email me HERE is you miss me just too f'ing much.