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ParisExposed.com clips are here!

So Paris has a storage facility with all her stuff in it, forgets to pay the bill and all of a sudden the contents become the property of a broker who is now hawking it online at ParisExposed.com. Our friends have had a look at what's included and here of some of the lowlites:

-Paris recounts in her diary about giving some dude the herp (why do I have this feeling the diary is covered is sparkles, macaroni and written in crayon?)
-Does a crap-load of coke off a guy's chest (who hasn't?)
-Has billions of hours of taped footage of her being naked, slutty, making out with friends and being drunk

Want to see more? Check out the downloaded video clips one, two and three. Email me if you'd like to see the rest. But let me warn you - it's worse then watching Weekend at Bernie's II, making out with Tony Danza and doing your taxes combined!