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The Votes are In: Ashlee: 1,000,000 Jessica: 0

Man, how the tides have ever turned.

I remember watching the Christmas episode of Nick and Jessica and seeing Ashlee for the first time. I was not impressed; actually I think I cried at her misfortune for being so hideous in comparison to her older sister. Or perhaps I was drunk and it was simply residual tears from the Hallmark commercial before I saw her. Regardless. She is smoking hot now! Not only that – but she is hotter, more successful and now has a better chance with me then her sister!....well, let's be honest, that homeless man I passed on the way to work has a good chance with me too – but let’s not discount Ashlee’s new found hotness due to my easy-access nature.

Excuse me now as I go shower the homeless smell off of me. Have a look at that hot piece of ACE Ashlee here: