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Oops She Did it Again - America's First Couple is Through!

As reported by Britain’s News of the World, the papers have been signed and the divorce is imminent – our favourite pieces of white-trash turds (who where only one step away from Hee-Haw) are done! Can they even spell divorce? Or fetal alcohol syndrome for that matter?

How do we know for sure? It’s been 96 days (source: People Magazine) since they’ve been photographed together and K-Fed has been spotted at Money Mart attempting to cash royalty checks from his new album…ah, I’m just kidding, for him to have royalty checks some one would have had to buy the album. I think Hitler singing his favourite tear-jerking numbers from Fiddler on the Roof would sell more copies.

Stay tuned – K-Fed’s emotional interview and tell all book will be coming up soon to recoup his loses.