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Update: Taylor Hicks digs the Chicks

Not since the days of the Kiss Army has a fan base been as organized as the Taylor Hicks crew (except the Kiss Army liked to get high and party, Hicks' fans seem a bit more subdued) . I've had quite the backlash based on my earlier story speculating on his sexuality - some of his fans have used their Colombo-style investigation skills to find and mail my personal account with their thoughts/anger/threats.

As a peace-offering to Taylor's fans I will give you this: since I have no concrete proof that Taylor is gay or straight I will now assume that he is bisexual. Yep, bisexual. A switch hitter, plays for both sides - if you know what I mean.

Stay strong Taylor! Someday you'll find Mr or Mrs Right - in the meantime, I will continue to dig through his trash (for proof AND dinner) until the truth is told.