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Stephen Dorff Hasn't Changed

Surprise, surprise....as reported by the Globe, Stephen Dorff was overheard getting shot down at a trendy hollywood club recently. The story goes when the chick in question told Stevie he wasn't her type he cleverly fired back 'you mean good-looking is not your type?'

Ahhhh Stephen Dorff - how can you NOT get mad-poon with lines like that? Let me tell you, the last time I partied with Stevie in Montreal he spend the whole night sulking in the corner and nursing his melon ball liquor shots....yeppers - that's ALL he drank. Him and I did trays and trays of those bad boys - however, the conversation only consisted of a few grunts and 'cheers' here and there (apparently he was angry at a few of my lady-friends who where servers at the club that shot him down as well). The man was lame with the honies then - and he's lame with the honies now...where's Hitch when you need him?

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