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More Gay American Idols?

Gay rumours from the American Idol stage? Please - let's quit this speculation, EVERYONE is 6 beer away from being gay anyway, why should we mull over this anymore then we already have? I wanted to put these rumours to rest right now so I thought I would give a call to Taylor Hicks (the target of the new rumours) and clear the air once and for all. Here is a transcript of my interview below:

Taylor: hello..?
Me: hi Taylor, it's me Joey
Taylor: JOOOEEYYYY!! how are you boyfriend?
Me: uh...fine Taylor, yourself?
Taylor: i'm fabulous, i'm just re-arranging some of the flowers in my place before i head to my stylist to work on covering some of this grey....did you see that episode of Touched by An Angel last night?
Me: sorry Taylor, i was watching the baseball game and drinking beer with the boys i must have missed it - look i just want to clear something up here so you mind if i ask you a point-blank question?
Taylor: go ahead silly, you know you can ask me anything.......ANYTHING.....tee hee
Me: right...look, i've been reading some rumours online questioning your sexuality - do you mind clearing that up with me?
Taylor: well that's just silly talk, silly....i'm as straight as Liberace or Gary Cooper - i have no idea where those rumours came from...
Me:....uh Taylor, Liberace and Gary Cooper where both gay
Taylor: ......J. Edgar Hoover? Wentworth Miller? Kirk Cameron?
Me: gay... closet-gay..missing in action...look maybe you should call me back later for a quote to add to my gossip site.
Taylor: ok sweetie - I'll call you tonight after I'm done watching Beaches
Me: right...

Here is where i read the rumours...