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Brad and Angelina no More? You Betcha!

It's going to happen - the most beautiful couple in the world will be breaking up shortly - and you read it here first! According to reports and smuthounds alike there are two factors in play: Angelina is unhappy (postpartum? she misses me? she's freaked out by my phone messages and gifts?) and Brad wants out of Africa. It seems filming Ocean's 13 is essentially his way out for now. Once filming wraps up they can just both chalk it up to 'long distance' taking a toll on their relationship. Trust me - it's over! I'm 100% sure of it!

I know exactly what Brad is going though - I was once dating this girl in university that was at another school and after months and months of my sleeping around.....errrr.....long distance, it just was too difficult to maintain. And all I had to tell everyone is that 'distance just took a toll on our relationship' as opposed to 'I couldn't keep it in my pants...wanna make out?' or 'the crotch-burning gave it away'.

Please read some tales of their unhappiness here: