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Million Dollar Baby: Bradgelina Baby Pics

See it here first! The Million Dollar baby has arrived in full colour photos! Why aren’t I excited? It sort of feels like trying to act excited when my co-workers are showing me pictures of their babies/48 hour labour/swinger’s party. I just don’t care (unless the baby was born with 3 arms and a beard).

Click below to link to the baby pics, but don’t get too attached. As reported here a matter of days ago (see the archives) Bradgelina will be breaking up by the rap of Oceans 13’s filming. Distance, unhappiness, the heat, the American and British Tabloids, me sleeping with Angelina…will certainly all be contributing factors.


If Brad is anything like me, not just physically (as he already is) but emotionally, he’ll understand that once the baby is born it’s high time to bolt. It’s the guy code – our method of operation, if you will. Babies are lame. We all know chicks really dig Corvettes, earrings and ponytails over responsible fathers.