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Jaime Foxx: Token Black Actor?

Jamie Foxx will be playing Bob Marley in his new movie. From playing Ray Charles to Bob Marley; Jamie Foxx seems to be the only man capable of playing famous African Americans in biopics. Are there no other black actors that Americans are secure enough to see on the screen? What's next? Is Jamie to play Malcolm Jamal Warner in A Dyslexic Brother: The Theo Huxtable Story? Of course they would need to find ANOTHER black actor to play Cockroach, is Will Smith available?

Every few years Hollywood latches on to one black actor that they feel safe with an offer him every single role. Imagine they did that with white actors? If that was the case it would have been Billy Crystal in Silence of the Lambs or Gene Hackman in Too Fast Too Furious. Didn't Anthony Hopkins play a black man in The Human Stain? I got a human stain for you: Poop. This is poop.