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Obvious News of the Day: Justin Timberlake does Drugs

Finally, an rational explanation to why Justin Timberlake is still with Cameron Diaz - he's on drugs! Justin recently admitted to the following to the UK Sun:

"I get plastered, I've done my fair share of drugs and I've been caught with my pants down. I just make sure there are no cameras around. I try to live my life in a well-rounded manner."

Saying a 20-something young popstar is doing drugs is like saying that the hobo I pass on the way to work every morning lives in a refrigerator box. It's just obvious. Except when it's Justin Timberlake who says he's doing the drugs it's sorta like saying the bum paid $700,000 for the box and built a custom made hole out the side to pee out of. Do you see where I'm going with this? Me neither.

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