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Avril "The Hobbit" Lavigne Celebrates Bachelorette in L.A.

(Thanks to my dearest and smartest reader Ellen for the scoop!) It seems that according to Canadian website Dose.ca Avril Lavigne celebrated her bachelorette party on June 30th along side fellow Canadian rocker and fiancee Deryck Whibley of Sum 41. The couple partied together at Koi (a popular L.A. restaurant) before heading to the Lobby, yet another trendy place they'll never let me into.

The only reason I consider this gossip worth posting is for the following reasons, first of all, Avril is a Canadian and second of all, dwarfs are people too. Well maybe she's not a dwarf, but at 5'2", why do I feel that when I look at pictures of her I mine as well be scoping out junior high girls from the back of my van? Gross. Now where is my copy of the Babysitter's Club?

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