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Nicky Hilton's New Venture: Hotels...no really, Hotels

Hmmm....since I'm a pop culture specialist, does that make me a celeb? In which case, do I get 'back door access' to the Nicky Hilton? Dual occupancy? It's all good.

Well it seems Nicky Hilton is trying to convince us that she is starting her own hotel without the help of her family. Seriously. It's like me getting drunk without the help of beer. The hotels will be called 'Nicky O' and feature bellboys in thongs, condoms instead of mints on the pillows and dead hookers in each closet. Well, ok, the 'Nicky O' part is true...

If you'd like to read more about a failed business venture by a rich girl begging for bailout from her rich parents, read more here. Because we all know she earned the investment capital on her own, right?