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Ashlee Simpson: Playboy Update...

Ashlee has officially responded to the Playboy offer for her to pose nude for $4 million dollars, wanna read it? Right here my biatches:

"I can make $4 million somewhere else. My body is for me and for whoever my love interest is at that moment, and that's the only person who gets to see it." (p.s. by "love interest" she means me)

It's great that playboy is lowering their standards, but seriously, I would kill a man for $4 million dollars, I'd pose in Playgirl for five dollars, I'd kiss Joe Simpson for six dollars...why won't she do this? Her career will be over in a matter of 2 years, Tiffany did Playboy and so will she, why not just stop delaying the inevitable and do it.

Check the source here.