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Britney gets Naked while Random Cases of Vomiting on the Rise

I tell you - if I wanted people to leave me alone you know what I'd do? That's right, pose nude in a magazine! It makes perfect sense; I mean it's about a low profile as a seizure. Yep, Britney has again followed up on her words with entirely different actions, to quote Green Day, she's nothing more then a walking contradiction.

Within 2 weeks of her tearful interview with Dateline asking to be left alone, Britney will be featured in Harper's Bazaar in the upcoming issue nude (a-la Demi Moore in the early 1990s).

Britney is like the drunken girl at the party who is sobbing in the corner and every time you ask her what's wrong she'll say 'it's nothing' and continues to loudly sob. Either that or because I told her I'd kill her cat if she talked.

I'm not one to criticize, I cry at parties all the time. And by parties I mean 'watching Fried Green Tomatoes by myself drinking cosmopolitans' and by criticize I mean 'I'm not gay..honest...'

Please see the full photo spread here.