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Nicole Richie has a new Boyfriend

Nicole Richie and.....Matt Dillon?? It seems Matt Dillon must be a fan of the Corpse Bride...or mummified corpses in general. The source of these rumours comes from a witness who saw them getting "cozy" and "cuddling" at a Hollywood hotspot recently. Cuddling? Cuddling with Nicole Richie I would think is similar to my weekends I spend hugging my Swiffer Wet-Jet. She is the skinniest woman I have ever seen since Skeletor was in drag...um, I mean ever since I've fantasized about Skeletor in drag...

I'm surprise Nicole Richie was able to even meet a man..between auditioning for Golden Girls and acting in the Anne Frank Story you would think she'd have too much going on to meet a man.

Go eat something and then read the proof here.