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Lead Singer of Nickleback Arrested

Being a proud Canadian I like to write about other Canadians as much as I can. Unfortunately this time it's about the lead singer of Nickleback.

The Royal Canadian Mounties in Surrey, in B.C.'s Lower Mainland, say Chad Kroeger was arrested June 22 for driving under the influence of alcohol. I'd be more inclined to believe he was arrested for being under the influence of being a butt-ugly douchebag. Seriously, I'd rather make out with the guy from Twisted Sister then to even sit beside Chad Kroeger (because we all know that ugliness is contageous - like HIV or Ebola).

We all make mistakes and I really shouldn't judge Chad. I've driven drunk before, but when I'm driving drunk it's usually on my 10-speed bike with a 24 of beer on the handle bars with my toothless wife in the babyseat. That's cool though, because I'm "country"

Here's the story, yo!