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Canada Day Special: Avril Lavigne Drunk!

To celebrate Canada (America Junior's) Day I'd like to celebrate my country's 139th anniversary by showing a drunk Avril Lavigne.

I'm surprised we don't see pictures of her wasted more often. Sure she's cleaned up lately and is looking less like a Hobbit, but that's no excuse to stop living the rockstar lifestyle. Rockstars should always be sniffing coke, killing hookers and trashing rooms. No excuses. Even Keith Richards, who may or may not require the use of an iron lung, still parties hard. I saw the dude once passing out in an alley cracking it up with a bunch of hobos, pulling out his own teeth and playing air guitar....Avril could learn something.

Happy Birthday Canada! We're a gay-loving, dope-smoking, gun-hating, no-Iraqing, funny talking, universal healthcaring, amazing country!