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Tori Spelling is a Bad Daughter

Everytime I see the horse-faced Tori Spelling part of me is always waiting for the 'after' picture to come up. Medical Science can transplant faces now, right? I'm sure with the chunk of the Spelling fortune coming her way, Tori can afford it.

Ugly horse-faces aside, Tori is being highly criticized for being world's worst daughter in dealing with her father's (Aaron Spelling's) passing. Apparently she prefered to party it up in Toronto as opposed to visiting her father after his stroke (in her defense, she was told it was 'minor' - you know, those 'itsey-bitsey' little strokes that 83 year-olds get...) and she's yet to return to the Spelling home since he passed. She has instead taken the news of her father's death and turned it into a publicity machine for her new reality TV show.

Being an fugly, full-on bad person aside, I still respect her for being a virgin all those years. Even with that willey David always trying to get into her pants...

Here's the details.