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Brangelina's Stolen Pics Recovered by....Secret Service??

Since all other domestic issues in the United States have been resolved, the Secret Service had time to be involved in raiding the home of a man to recover the stolen memory stick which contained pictures of Brangelina's baby shower. Read about it here.

Now I just might be a naive Canadian here, but aren't there higher, more pressing issues in terms of national security for the U.S Secret Service to be concentrating on? Or perhaps when they said that pictures of their baby shower were stolen perhaps they meant 'pictures of us, Dick Cheney and the entire UN with all our pants off?' because otherwise, why else would the SS...opps....I mean Secret Service be needed?

Anyway, the pictures have been found and Jolie-Pitt are happy again. Now they can go back to saving the world, you know, by getting pictures of themselves taken with poor Africa kids. Because saving the world is not about food and education...it's photo ops my friends, photo ops.