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McCartney's Divorce to Cost an Arm and a......ohhhhhh.....awkward....

The biggest split up in the UK since Princess Di and Chuck? I'd say so. The British tabloids have been buzzing! Heather Mills is even considering airing her dirty laundry on TV a-la-Diana.

But, let me be honest here, I've re-wrote this entry about one hundred times, talking about Heather trying to get a 'leg up' on her step-daughter Stella and that with a $100 million dollar settlement I'm sure she'd land on her feet....errr.....foot. But I'm much better then that - I'm not one to offend the extremely wealthy differently-abled, but in this situation I was stumped(ahem)!

Anyway, please read the news story below (if you ask me, if she doesn't accept the settlement, she won't have a leg to stand on in court!)and don't any of you worry, Sir Paul is quite a catch, I'm sure he'll find a woman soon to fill Heather's shoes.....um....SHOE....