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From High Class Hookers to Online Dating - Charlie Sheen How Far You've Fallen

Who would of thunk it? Celebs are as lame as we are!

Charlie Sheen (as reported by the Post Chronicle) has signed up to an online dating site to find true love. I'm sorry, did I say "true love"? What I mean to say is "easy action". Let's be honest, like all guys I like my girls with low expectations, low self esteem and a knack for getting involved with the wrong guys - but to resort to online dating? Can't this guy go to a Hot Shots screening at the local second-run theater and get some boo-tay?

Can this divorce get any worse? It sure can - Charlie's ex Denise Richards is touring with Bon Jovi and is wanting to learn guitar. Wait...is this 1995? Am I still in high school? Learn guitar? My advice is learn to act first - the guitar will come with time....

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