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Angelina + Brad = Herpes

Just when it can't get any juicier...rumour has it that Angelina's c-section was carried out due to her burning case of herpes and concern of it being transmitted to the baby. HERPES? Yes herpes. Just when i thought I had nothing in common with the most beautiful couple in the world i hear this!! I wonder if it's the same strain as me? That would be cool.

When it comes to STDs I prefer the classier variety such as syphilis - THAT is the virus of Dukes and Earls, it was prevalent in royal circles throughout history and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. However, now it seems our modern day royalty seem to be lagging when it comes to the "trendy" viruses - they should get a virus consultant to work along side their personal shopper to tell them these things.

So why on earth is Angelina slumming and contracting herpes? I have the answer in 3 words: Billy Bob Thornton.

Please read more about this very very very true rumour - just don't read it too closely, you might get a cold sore: