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I've got a need...a need for SPEED!

That's right - Maverick is back in the news....has he ever left? If the poster on my bedroom wall has any say in it....NO! Apparently Tomkat...(or is it Battlecat? Cat Stevens? Garfield?? Whatever they are called now)....maybe having problems...

The Fashion Monitor in Toronto is reporting that Tommy McCloset-Gay is denying stories that Katie is suffering from postpartum depression. Now I'm not a doctor, but apparently this occurs after a woman gives "birth"....this is totally unrelated to the depression I'm used to experiencing every night...you know - drinking a raspberry zinfandel, listening to Colour me Badd and passing out in tears on my bed covered with rose pedals because i'm so lonely.....

sniff...sniff.....where was I? Right, Tommy's rep claim she's doing 'wonderfully' - if this picture is any indication to her happiness I would wager she's looking to escape...i mean look closely at the picture - i think she's trying to destroy Tom with her heat vision. Read the news release here: