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The Gaylarious Adventures of George Michael Continue

From the man who brought us world's creepiest song, Father Figure (a.k.a the Ballad of Joe Simpson) we now have even creepier news. The Daily Mail in the UK had the following to report about George Michael:

The 43-year-old star was caught emerging from the bushes after a sexual encounter with pot-bellied jobless van driver Norman Kirtland on the notorious homosexual haunt Hampstead Heath.

Yep, you read that right. Pot-bellied jobless van driver. And it gets worse, as George Michael emerged from the bushes he scolded the media saying to leave him alone and that it's his right to have sex in the bushes with another man because 'it's our culture'.

It's our culture? Is he talking about Greek culture? He must be, because if I remember anything from Greek Mythology it's that Greek men have sex with other men. That and they also play acoustic guitar beside exploding jukeboxes. It's fact. Opa!