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New Couple Alert: Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong!

Alright, I've been seeing pictures of these two love-birds together too long to not comment. These two spend more time together then me and my last 3 girlfriends combined....and by 'girlfriends' I mean that girl whose window I stand outside...and by 'standing outside' I mean loudly crying and professing my undying love in song...I tell you, those retirees really know how to play hard to get...I love you Gwendella...

Back to the brokeback bicyclists. Why is it every time I see them riding eachother...um, I mean....together Jake is always taking up the rear? I guess that's just how he likes it. More on the lovebirds here.

Mark my words these guys will be common-law by the end of this year. Just don't ask Jake where he wears his 'Live Strong' yellow band.