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Tomkat's Baby just won't Sell

As per the latest Hollywood trend, apparently the Cruises' attempted to sell photos of their 'baby' to the highest bidder. However, here's the problem; they didn't get enough money and rescinded the offer. Wow - that's awkward, putting yourself out there like that only to get rejected? That's kinda like that time I asked my high school crush to the dance and she said no, so I kicked her in the face and ran off - yeah I know that's not cool, I would have apologized but the trial took up most of my senior year...but my kickboxing career really took off after that.

Back to Suri - now, I'm no baby photographer or even a boyscout leader, but isn't this Xenu's baby? Isn't that worth something? I mean the alien baby could have wings...Or perhaps Katie's herpes (see picture here) transferred to the baby and the baby is too hideous to put into print?

Theory #2: there is no baby. It's as faked as the moon landing or Tom's hetero status.

I'm just happy the Church of Scientology didn't get their hands on the money (which I'm sure would have been the end result). Fox News has more on the story here.