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Engagement of the Moment: Jennifer Vaughn?

It's official, the couple who filmed the break-up are hooking it up! Trust me, this is nothing like the time I ordered that Russian mail-order bride, this is the real thing!

There are too many factors to discount this story; a publicist calling Jennifer Aniston "Jennifer Vaughn", reports that the stars have already selected a 9.5 carat canary diamond worth about $500,000 (nothing compared to the high school ring that I give my 'special ladies' - ok, ok, that's too special, but can we say 'football jacket'?) and reports are that Vince has a 'very special announcement' (according to Jen's friends) to reveal in Paris.

Apparently they want to make known the happy occasion as soon as they can, however Jen feels it's just too close to the birth of Shiloh and it may then be cheapened as a reactionary move. Yeah, right - I think they just want to keep it on the down low for a while since it's been just a few weeks since Jen and I broke up...errr...I mean since I DUMPED her...(and by that I mean I ripped up all my posters of her since she hasn't responded to my emails).

What the scoop? Well here it is biatches...