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Britney + Thongs + Dirty Diapers = Toxic!

When Brit sang the song 'Toxic' was she talking about this? According to US Magazine (not to be confused with Huge Asses Weekly...trust me, I'll never make that mistake again) Britney has no problems changing Sean Preston in public.

It seem that in a Victoria Secrets location in Mission Viejo, California, Britney was buying a few pink thongs (for K-Fed perhaps?) and then decided to change Sean Preston's diaper in the store, ON THE FLOOR! Then, she even attempted to hand the dirty diaper to a employee for them to dispose of (to which they politely declined). There are too many things wrong with this story; treating a store like you own it? Treating store employees like they work for you? And finally - dirty floors, believe it or not, are not healthy for babies...

What is Britney using as a guide to raise her child? 'How to Raise Children with Ebola'? Because that's what my mom used and I'm totally normal. Now who turned off my iron lung??

Read it here peeps!