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Welcome to our New Look!

The popculturepundit may look a tad smoother, but it's still as edgy as ever! Due to hugey-mcmassive traffic and increased attention the site has been receiving I've decided to tidy up a little. We have a few changes:

Now you can google past posts on the site (scroll to the bottom to archives and try it out).

There are also links to some of my favourite sites at the bottom (sorry, no playgirl....yet....).

You can now contact me using that handy link on the header (just don't email me if you're looking for me to cure your leprosy, I'm not Jesus....I'm just a man...a man with an amazing body).

Don't worry, the "in-your-face-mofo!" attitude will never change - no matter how pretty this biatch gets. You'll still hear about celeb break ups, babies, affairs and my sad sad love life (that consists of drunk dials, dating my cousins and breaking up not with words, but by peeing on the house plants - try it sometime).

Keep reading - you'll find pics of Gwen's baby (from Ok Magazine), read the latest on Jen/Angelina/Brad and read on Britney's mothering skills (I rather have a Yeti babysit my kids then her personally..) Thanks for your interest and keep reading yo!

What do you think of the redesign? Contact me with your comments!