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Mom of the Year Exclusive: Britney Spears Does Dateline

How bad of parent do you have to be to go on Dateline to defend your status as a good mom? As bad of a mom as Britney Spears. Bill Mahr said it best 'you are what you are, not what you say', no matter what you tell us, your actions will always speak louder then words. Here is an excerpt of the interview which will be aired June 15th:

Spears ...opens up about the incident on Pacific Coast Highway where she was photographed with her son, Sean, on her lap in the car. She discusses the events that led to the situation and ultimately says, "I can't go anywhere without someone judging me...I did it with my dad. I'd sit on his lap and I drive. We're country." When asked if she was upset by the headlines that ensued questioning her parental judgment, Spears defends herself, saying, "I know I'm a good mom" ... (Source)

Now, I'm no doctor (prescribing drugs and prancing around my house in my nurse's uniform aside) however, I do know a thing or two about babies. First of all babies are mildly retarded and smell like poop, second of all, at 5 months babies need their heads supported at all times, as their balance and strength is still in a developmental phase (Sort of like K-Fed). You can cause serious damage if you don't keep their heads supported.

I'm also not a mechanic, but driving on the highway at top speed with an unsupported, unbelted, 5 month year old baby on your lap is probably not a great idea. All she's missing is two beer in each hand, a crack pipe and a bb gun. If I had my way, Brit would have the baby taken away from her by child services and sentenced to 6 months of living in my apartment. And marry me. And call me Poopsy "Huge" McPooper. Because I'm huge and Poopsy sounds cute. I love you.