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Got an Ad? Bradgenlina or Brangelina Have Babies for Sale!

It's perhaps the most important time in anyone's life - the birth of their first born child. Brad and Angelina celebrated the birth of their first baby by selling the rights for the photos. But the money went straight to charity, so it's not wrong, right? What if I told you that another company used the event as a blatant opportunity to market a new product with Brad and Angelina's blessing? How would you feel about the couple then?

Well it seems that the birth of Shiloh was an incredible PR opportunity not to be missed. 5W (named one of the fastest growing PR companies in the world) secured the rights to place newly launched Belly Maternity products on little baby Shiloh in time for the photo shoot (www.5wpr.com). Wow, we hear all about the big money that goes to charity, but we never seem to here about what Bradgenlina kept in return for pimping their new baby. It's only been a few days - perhaps by the time it's a toddler they can give her a website and make money then too....oh wait, Angelina already bought the rights to a Shiloh sight*.

Selling your baby as ad space? Can we assume that Shiloh is the Antichrist now?

I can't blame them, it's a historical fact that Mary and Joseph sold the rights to baby Jesus to Gap Kids. So I guess when Brad and Angelina had the opportunity to make money they just asked 'What Would Jesus Do?'

* http://toronto.fashion-monitor.com/news.php/Celebrity_moms/2006060211Angelina-Jolie-Shilo