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Angelina vs. Jen: Snub of the Century!

Sometimes when I try to call pretty girls on the phone it just rings and rings and rings and no one picks up. Then I go over to their houses and knock on the door only to find the lights are off and no one is home (but I swear I hear something in there and the lights where on a minute ago!). Then I follow them to work and confront them in front of their offices yelling 'Why don't you love me?? Answer the phone!! I want to have your babies!! I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE!!'

Sad isn't it? Not as sad as the recent news from the Aniston/Pitt/Jolie camp. It seems they're acting like high school girls all over again. The story goes that Jennifer Aniston attempted to call and congratulate Brad on the recent birth of baby Shiloh - and Angelina blocked the call as she wants Jen out of Brad's life. I see nothing wrong with that. Once I was dating this girl and her ex-boyfriend called and asked for her, I promptly responded 'Oh, I'm sorry, she's dead'. Not only did it solve the problem of him calling, but I got a lovely floral arraignment out of the deal. Can we say 'win-win'?

Apparently Jen is now furious and accusing Angelina of changing Brad and keeping him from her. I'll be honest, Angelina could change me into a toilet seat at a truck stop and I'd just be flattered that she talks to me.

That's it for now - time to meet my probation officer. Read the rest of the story here. Word to your mother.