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Paris fans are ignorant losers

Check out this picture of a typical Hilton Fan. What a moron.

First of all, Captain Dillhole, it's unconstitutional for a person to be TRIED twice for the same crime, not to sentence someone twice. Read a book, get a clue. Second, time wasn't ADDED to the sentence. She was sentenced to 45 days, and now she may have to serve out her whole sentence instead of half. Do you understand how that's NOT adding, you cartoon character??

Which brings me to the Spiderman costume. How did you think THAT particular choice of outfit would help lend credibility to your legal protest? In fact, the more I think about this, the more guilty and ashamed I feel, cause I'm pretty sure I'm attacking a mental re...um, I mean, 'specially abled' person.

Don't get me wrong. I'm wearing a Spiderman outfit right now, but I'm in the privacy of my own room at the homeless shelter (don't worry about me, things will turn around soon, I just know it.) But when I'm in public, I don't try to dress up like a superhero. Sure, I wear a diaper, a bonnet, flippers, a ski mask, snorkels and a dog collar, but that's just good fashion sense. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself out there.