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Paris Caged! Day One

Stories have already been leaking out of Century Regional Detention Facility faster then gravy at a Rosie O'Donnell picnic. Here are some of the little treasures:

-Tweezers, razors and hair-removal wax are all forbidden, so Paris will be a hairy enough to start plastering her footprints by the time she gets out...

-She's also not interacting with any of the inmates, she's only seeing them through glass. Kinda like the whales in the glass aquarium at SeaWorld...except those whale won't rape you in the showers..trust me, I've tried.

I'm telling you, Paris Caged! and the Lindsay Lohan Death Watch 2007 are giving me enough material to work off for months! Time to start callin' it in! Don't even bother reading!

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