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Paris not going to court?

This story is beginning to have more twists and turns then an episode of Matlock...or My Two Dads.

Paris was due to appear in Los Angeles County Superior Court at 9am pacific time, but now we're hearing that Paris Hilton will not appear in person, but instead will call into the hearing from her Hollywood Hills (prison) home. Our friends at TMZ are reporting:

...a battle is raging inside the courtroom between Paris' lawyer, the City Attorney and the Sheriff's Dept. over the decision to allow Paris Hilton to appear by phone this morning.

Can we just give her the death penalty and get this thing over with? If they can execute retarded people in Texas, Paris is well suited to be strapped into the electric chair herself. But we just gotta make sure the chair is working properly, I'd hate for her to live through the execution and accidentally get electric super powers in the process. I mean, we've all seem how that turned out in Shocker! ZAAAAP!

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