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Paris back to jail now?

In only what can be described as 'a twist right out of a Hardy Boys novel' Paris will be back in court this morning at 9am where she may be re-booked back into jail. Why you ask? Here's the logic:

City prosecutors will argue that sheriff Lee Bacca did not have the authority to release Hilton from jail on Thursday. When Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer sentenced Paris to 45 days in jail last May, he specifically ruled that Paris was not allowed any work release, furloughs, use of an alternative jail or electronic monitoring in lieu of jail. Sheriff Bacca ignored this and set Paris up with a electronic monitoring system. The city attorneys office will argue that the sheriff violated the judges orders. If the judge agrees, Paris will be put back in jail.

This is rich. What's worse the going to jail? Going to jail, then getting a taste of freedom only to be sent right back. It's like an emotional roller coaster with hilarious and possibly suicidal results! Stay tuned.

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