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Nicole Richie is pregnant

Life and Style Magazine has reported that Nicole Richie went to the doctor for blood and urine testing which has confirmed that she's pregnant - and more importantly her reps seem to be in no hurry to deny it.

An insider has also been quoted as saying that she is determined to get healthy for the sake of her baby. Now, I'm assuming 'healthy' is a relative term for Nicole. Does 'healthy' mean out-weighing her broomstick? Not give birth to a kid that looks like it's from one of those African aid commercials with bugs buzzing around them? Start eating for one as opposed to none?

I'm just terrified to see what this child will look like, I'm just hoping it's not like me - I'd hate for that one drunken night with Nicole to equal 18 years of child support...or faking my own death to avoid it...you know, 'father of the year' stuff...

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