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Paris back to prison!

Oh, snap! Paris is being sent back to prison, and will now serve her entire 45 day term. I'm so happy right now, I'm actually crying a little.

And so was Paris. Sobbing, actually. She cried all the way to the courtroom, sobbed throughout the hearing, and was actually screaming as they dragged her sorry ass back to prison.

For Pete's sake, what a spoiled brat. I was once sentenced to 10 years in a maximum security prison. I only cried once, the first time I was anally raped. The guy didn't want to snuggle afterwards, he just ran off to the other prisoners to brag. Excuse me for falling in love too quickly.

But 45 days in a segregated cell?? That's nothing to cry over. I spent 9 years and 11 months in a segregated cell, after the rest of the prison population complained that I was 'too clingy'.

Anyways, I only hope this new turn of events won't cause Hilton's fictitious medical condition to get any worse.

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