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Scarlett Johansson likes to smoke

In an attempt to cope with the accusations of boyfriend Josh Hartnett's cheating, the 22-year-old ex-girlfriend of mine has been smoking like a chimney of late (a hot, hot chimney that is...the ones that catch on fire raise your insurance rates......insurance rates of lust.....mmmm...). Apparently it's so bad the smoke is wafting into the hall of her apartment, causing issues with the fellow residents to which she has expressed total indifference.

Scarlett is apparently furious over recent allegations that Josh was seen in Sydney with his co-star, New Zealand actress Amber Sainsbury over the course of a weekend, sparking more rumors their relationship is rocky at best. Which of course logically links to Scarlett's increased smoking and clinical-ish depression, it's like the new math....the math of lust...mmmmm.....

Ask me how much I care about Scarlett's smoking habits, boyfriend troubles or her black-black lungs? Zero. I just wanted to post this picture. Enjoy.