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Brad Pitt, Britney and J-LO: more weekend updates

Britney Spears has a new perfume out. I think the safe assumption is that it smells of a mix between Doritos and Cigarettes (or musty cave....)

Well folks, the impossible happened, J-Lo and Posh are friends now. With a possible fashion line in the future, is my assumption that I now need to buy a big hideous hat for my girlfriend for Christmas? Or was syphillis enough of a gift?

Sports aren't just for guys or special olympians anymore, Summer Altice plays volleyball and is wicked hot! See here.

We're all well aware of the 'camel toe' phenominon, but it seem Brad Pitt has taken it upon himself to do his best Britney Spears impression here.

Wilmer Valderrama is hitting his ex's mom and sister..oh how he has fallen. Or better yet, how far he's risen?

Courtney Love is still as ugly as ever. I totally regret taking her to the prom.

Prince Harry takes off his shirt and soaks up the sun. This picture is almost enough to make me shave my chest. Again.