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New couple alert: Paris and Britney!

Unlike my fat American friends, I've not been stuffing my self silly with dead bird all day, so I've had the time to stay ontop of this fascinating development in the entertainment world. It seems that sexy beast herself (described as a 'tranny' by Tina Fey when seen up-close) Paris Hilton has taken poor fragile Britney Spears under her wing to mend and seduce.

As hot as that could be, my only question is this: what is it with Britney being attracted to only the trashiest people? First K-Fed, now Paris? Not to mention, Brit's new looks seems to be waning already, she looks terrible is that leopard print dress (and it looks frighteningly similar to the one in my closet...errr....i mean, my girlfriend's closet...whew...)!

I have to admit that I'm disappointed, she's gone from hot on Letterman to now looking like that hooker I found in my trunk this morning...or was it in my dumpster? Regardless, she looks like a whore. WHORE!

Read more about the happy new couple here. WHORES!