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Pop Culture Pundit: back and sexier then ever

I'm back from Spain and ready to start posting again. Not much has changed for me - other then being a bit more tanned, the growth of a quasi-euro beard and a suitcase full of Europe's latest wines and fashions. Will I be posting pictures of my travels? Who knows - this isn't Perez, I don't need the attention, but let's just wait and see. If you bastards are lucky...lucky indeed.

And to my dear reader Carolyn: oh, the pictures are both a threat AND a promise. I promise they'll threaten all relationships as my Hasselhoff-esq good looks and Mr. Olympia-caliber physique which will result in mass break-ups. As once my images is out in the open women would do what's possible...nay, ANYTHING for the chance to accompany me on my next European adventure. Yep, I'm that lovely

I'm done ranting, on to the next story.

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