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Elisha Cuthbert sex tape?

Ho-hum, another celebrity sex tape is to be leaked. I'll be honest, these tapes are starting to become as arousing as going to my dirty uncle's house for Christmas dinner (and he's got some gentle hands, let me tell you). Geno's World reports:

Geno's World has learned that a porn tape involving Elisha Cuthbert is being shopped around. The tape obviously would end up in a legal battle, but the owner of the footage is attempting to set up a website to cash in quickly.

Damn! Elisha promised me that the video camera was definitely not on when we were having sex! Next thing you'll tell me if that the dude in the corner of the room smoking in his chair wasn't a hilarious novelty manikin after all or that sheep wasn't a clever inflatable prop! That is the last time I have a 12-hour sex romp with THAT girl! I feel so used...

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